The Passionate Synthesis of Wine and Sex

The Passionate Synthesis of Wine and Sex

The Passionate Synthesis of Wine and Sex

Wine has the unique power to seduce on multiple levels, making it a natural catalyst in the dance of human courtship. Enjoying a glass of wine is relaxing, helping partners to reconnect and ease into a romantic mood. Meanwhile, specific visual, olfactory, savory and chemical reactions work in unison to increase pleasure, heighten desire and enhance intimacy. The symbolism of a bottle to be shared, the aromas that arouse, the flavors that awaken and the relaxation achieved are all elements operating in harmony — lubricated in unison by the wine itself. 

Setting the Tone 

The sharing of wine in an intimate setting is an ancient tradition that is as natural as flirting, foreplay and intercourse. A bottle of wine symbolizes maturity and the simple act of pouring a glass for your companion nonverbally suggests that this is a time to become comfortable and to communicate with each other. This is a scenario so storied and prevalent in most cultures that you may wonder as you remove the cork “what came first, the vineyard or the king-sized bed? A few sips of wine ushers in relaxation, which in turn can increase confidence and allow you to communicate with ease. The alcohol in wine also affects the hypothalamus (a part of the brain located just above the stem) in such a way that desire and sex drive are “awakened”.          

Aromas of Attraction  

Recent studies at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago have identified some of the most powerful smells that excite women and men, illustrating the sublime connections between wine and sex. Serendipitously, many wines exude some of these very aromas with distinction, making an opened bottle of vino an olfactory aphrodisiac.

The findings of one Dr. Alan Hirsch and his colleagues illustrate that vanilla is equally appealing to both sexes, making the notes in a bottle of Naked Winery Tease Riesling or Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Petite Sirah & Syrah a definite turn-on.

Women and men also respond with equal interest to cinnamon, which means that a bottle of Chateau Diana Pleasure Party Moscato or Chateau Diana Zombie Zin Zinfandel can be excellent choices for a fun and intimate evening. The same is true for the scent of jasmine, placing Fifty Shades of Grey White Silk Gewurtztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc in the running as the perfect ice breaker.  

The pronounced female arousal to the aromas of almonds and black licorice elicit suggestions for Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato and Chateau Diana She Razz Shiraz, Merlot & Petit Sirah, respectively.  

Men show distinctive arousal to the scents of citrus – particularly orange, as well as to the aroma of butter. For a guy who likes some tang in his tannins, try a bottle of Chateau Diana Sangria or give your popcorn addicted lover a glass of Naked Winery Foreplay Chardonnay.   

The Excitement of Taste   

Once the fragrant liquid primes your taste buds and glides past your lips, another sensory delight begins. Textures of wine range widely from the tangy, electrical zip of Happy Bitch Rose to the richly layered smoothness of 2013 Bewitched Russian River Valley Chardonnay. The benefits of wine are apparent when intense sensations upon your taste buds become the perfect accompaniment to tender caresses and deep, languid kisses. Just a glass or two is the perfect amount to set the mood and sustain the spell throughout the night. This can be referred to as the moderation zone, wherein wine and sex can work together and enhance one another. Too much wine can dampen a sexual experience though, so it’s best to be conservative with how much you drink. One bottle between two people is the perfect amount, measuring out to about two glasses each.

Invisible Stimulations

In addition to heightening the romantic experience, the benefits of wine continue internally after a delicious vintage is tasted. A recent study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that moderate intake of wine increases lubrication, sexual desire and overall sexual function in women due to compounds that that increase blood flow to female erogenous zones. A similar study published in Nutrition Journal demonstrates that a compound in wine called quercetin slows down the excretion of testosterone in men. This means that moderate enjoyment of wine can lead to the build-up of testosterone, and the subsequent heightening of sexual desire.

Sex and wine can form an excellent partnership, not to mention the physiological benefits of wine — enjoyed in moderation, of course. Vibe Wines is your chaperone to the exciting world of romance and pleasure through the enjoyment of sexy wines and adult toys between consenting partners.  


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