The Alluring Chaperone – a sexy gift for couples

Naked Winery 2014 Foreplay Chardonnay, Kama Sutra Tranquility Massage Kit and Intimate Encounters Intimate Rewards Game

Creative interplay is a great way for couples to enhance their relationship and to deepen their intimate communication. A sexy gift for your girlfriend, wife or lover is the perfect way to introduce the idea of frisky foreplay. The Alluring Chaperone Sexy Pairing makes it easy for couples interested in adult games and intimate accessories to become quickly immersed in sexy fun. This pairing presents three unique components that lead a couple into bond-building interaction with the approachable ease of sharing a glass of flirty wine, the sublime appeal of mutual massage and the cerebrally stimulating aspect of an interpersonal knowledge quiz game. This gift set is a veritable guide through an enriching time between lovers — appealing to the faculties of taste, touch and thought.

The light, crisp flavor of Foreplay Chardonnay sets the tone for an evening of fun and flirtatious play. Unwind with a silky sip of this sweet-bodied treat that has a subtle, fruity finish. Uncork the bottle and as you let it breathe you can relax your partner with a massage using one of the five aromatic oils in the Kama Sutra Tranquility Massage Kit. It’s true that a little Foreplay goes a long way as the two of you build up the anticipation inspired by the Intimate Encounters Intimate Rewards Game. You will be able to demonstrate innermost knowledge of one another that is rewarded with redeemable cards that are good for romantic dinners, unique dates or more massages.

This sexy gift for couples provides all the components for experiencing an unforgettable night together. Regardless of what stage you are at in a relationship, taking the time to remove distractions and focus on one another for an evening can stoke the fire of attraction and help keep the romance ablaze.

Enjoying the simple pleasure of a glass of wine, an intimate touch and the allure of sharing intimate knowledge can reverse the dampening effect that modern living can have on a relationship. Embarking on a journey with The Alluring Chaperone as your guide can help nurture joy and breathe the life and fun back into a partnership.
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Vibe Wines creates Sexy Pairings that combine fun, sexy wines with adult play accessories and innovative intimate games. Please drink responsibly and always be sure that play is consensual.


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