The Adoring Apprentice

Chateau Diana Zombie Zin Zinfandel and 269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Him, plus the Velv’Or J-Naja Ring

Is your male partner wild and crazy about you and interested in taking intimacy to the next level? The Adoring Apprentice is a sexy gift for men that is perfect for an eager partner who is open to new ideas to enhance his skills. He’ll enjoy the big, red, robust flavor of the Zombie Zin as he learns amazing new tips for intimate play in 269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Him. This window of insight into a larger world of understanding can have incredible, even transformational results – allowing the two of you as a couple to create more languid and lasting lovemaking sessions.

The Adoring Apprentice is a fun and sexy pairing designed to complement a relationship that has an abundance of magnetic chemistry. You are already privy to his undivided attention and very pleasing touch. Yet, as the object of his desire you can also help evolve your intimate sessions into even more mutually fulfilling experiences of riding the wave of passion.
In addition to a bottle of bold and fearless wine and a sexy book filled with erotic photography, this set includes the Velv’Or J-Naja Ring which is a great accessory for the man who wants to feel confident and virile while increasing his sexual drive. Your lover will appreciate this new intimate product and your interest in trying new things. He’ll also enjoy the opportunity to relax with a glass of wine while learning from a real-world expert about specific techniques that are proven to entice, to excite and to satisfy a woman. This is a win-win situation!

The Adoring Apprentice is one of Vibe Wines’ Sexy Pairings that makes a fantastic, sexy gift for your husband or boyfriend. There is much to learn about intimacy and with just a little bit of effort, you can help take yours to the next level and become even better partners. He will appreciate the merit of a glass of zin-full wine, the value of measured intensity, and the opportunity to learn some new skills that let mutual pleasure build gradually to a more satisfying climax.

Vibe Wines creates Sexy Pairings that combine the allure of wine with the fascination of adult books, games and toys. These unique creations make perfectly sexy gifts for bachelor parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Please enjoy wine in moderation and always assure that all intimate play is consensual.


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The Adoring Apprentice
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