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Wine and Pleasure Sexy Gift Set for Men

Independent Adventures


What do you get for the guy who has everything? Whether its a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, the gift of wine and pleasure products is sure to please. Independent Adventures is a new and exciting Sexy Pairings™ intimate gift set just for him.

The seductive flavors of baking spice, clove, blackberry and sage are alive in every sip of Vibe Wines 2015 Sultry Seduction Syrah, and promise to awaken his senses during a personal journey of pleasure. Meanwhile, his visually triggered male libido stands to be stirred and inspired before the feast of colorful images in Suicide Girls No. 3. This anthology celebrates the beauty and allure of “alternative models” adorned in tattooed artistry, electrically-hued hairdos and little else. Nude photos and narrated exploits are tailored to the tastes of guys who admire the exceptional attitudes of individually expressive women. His yearning for physical stimulation can be precisely satisfied through the two distinct sensations presented by the OptiMALE Reversible UR3 Stroker —  a personal sleeve that pleases with intensely textured and silky smooth surfaces. The experience is enhanced with a healthy application of the Aloe and Vitamin E rich Wicked Aqua Lubricant — a water based, residue-free addition that heightens sensory intensity. The erection-enhancing, powerfully prolonging benefits of the OMAN Challenge Vibrating Ring call to his adventurous nature, allowing him to push his personal boundaries of pleasure to dizzying heights of ecstasy.

This enticing gift set arrives in a sleek black box — perfect for discretion and storage. Intrigued? Get this sexy gift on, where wine and passion meet.


A Romantic Gift For Couples: Sexy Wine and Adult Pleasure Products

A Romantic Gift For Couples: Sexy Wine and Adult Pleasure Products

Sexy Pairings™ ~ Erotically Ever After

A Romantic Gift For Couples: Sexy Wine and Adult Pleasure Products

A Romantic Gift For Couples: Sexy Wine and Adult Pleasure Products

An adventurous couple can consummate their passion with a gift set that combines the allure of orgasmically inspired wine, the sultry texture of red satin and the intimate fascination of soft bondage. Imagine an experience that begins with several sips of Naked Winery 2013 Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo. The spicy warmth of this velvety vino has an earthy reminiscence, making the depth of your connection to your lover all the more complete. An extended session of foreplay can be like an orchestration of decoration as you dress your partner in the sensual accessories in the Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Red Label Romance Kit. You can present this intimate play set in its attractive red packaging, that like a box of chocolates promises pleasure — yet the secrets inside reveal tastes of another flavor. Gently place her wrists into the organza cuffs to render her captive to your caresses, then slide the red garter up her leg to tease and accentuate her lower erogenous zones. Once the self-adhesive nipple covers are in place, you can then trace the curves of her body with the feather tickler until she squirms with anticipation and desire. A Romantic Gift For Couples: Sexy Wine and Adult Pleasure Products is a perfect surprise for a honeymoon, wedding night or spontaneous play session. 

How to Create an Intensely Intimate Experience for You and Your Partner

Quality time is crucial for couples who value human closeness and the innate sense of well-being that comes with it. This usually happens in the way of a quiet dinner, going to the movies or simply taking an evening stroll together. Regardless of the circumstances, there is one element that all three of these activities share – the prevalence of human touch. Tactile sensory stimulation serves as a powerful mode of nonverbal communication, conveying love, compassion, empathy, trust, and affection. A sexy gift for your girlfriend or husband presents an exciting way to experience intimacy that combines touch with taste for an unforgettable evening.

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