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Toys for Men: 5 Sexy Gifts for Him

A Pulsating Provocateur

OMan Challenge Vibrating Ring

2013 Sexual Chocolate Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah



Some toys for men increase stimulation while others enhance longevity. The OMAN Challenge Vibrating Ring, however, does both — a real double thrust of a threat for a guy who loves to go the distance. One of the heartiest vibrating bullets on the market can hum along for up to 80 minutes, while the flexible erection ring provides stimulated reinforcement with four embedded solid metal balls. Speaking of which, his are caringly encased in a flexible holster for an all-encapsulating experience.

Suggested wine pairing: 2013 Sexual Chocolate Syrah and Zinfandel and Petite Sirah

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Adult Gifts: 5 Sexy Presents for Her

The Pleasure of Precision

Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay

The ultra-sensitive nature of the clitoris means that sometimes intense contact provided by some adult gifts can be overwhelming. But have no fear, this amazing toy uses indirect stimulation to create mind-blowing arousal. The Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator applies pulsating waves of suction-based pleasure when placed precisely over the intended area. Eight speeds of intensity allow the ergonomic silicone heads to deliver uniquely exquisite orgasms that do not require direct contact or penetration. 

Suggested Wine Pairing: Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Five Fun Tips for Couples

A Red Hot Holiday

Bijioux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Red Romance KitMonogamy Cabernet Sauvignon

Turn up the heat with the Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Red Label Romance Kit. Perhaps the most prevalent of holiday gift ideas includes plenty of the color red. Partners who love this motif can accentuate their intimacy with some accessories that introduce satin-soft feathery foreplay, silky red nipple covers, organza cuffs with a matching garter and a red plume tickler. 

Suggest Wine Pairing: Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon

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