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The Condom Conundrum: Facts About Finding the Right Fit

With STDs on the Rise, You Play a Vital Role in Prevention

The Condom Conundrum: Facts About Finding the Right Fit

All too often, condoms don’t fit right or don’t enable a positive experience. This causes some people to skip the precaution altogether and instead, engage in unprotected sex. A condom that does not accurately match your size can produce loss of feeling which can then cause you to lose your erection. Furthermore, some condoms are not exactly the most fragrant compliment to a romantic situation. These factors cause the importance of condom use to be neglected. This means that some sexually active people, their partners and members of the dating scene at large are unnecessarily exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

These infections include herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia among others and they are being spread at an all time high.  Aside from abstinence, the best strategy against infection is to consistently use condoms during sex. Sticking to this rule does not mean that you are relegated to the meager selection at the corner drugstore. Condoms are available in a vast array of sizes, thicknesses, textures and fragrances — so that sex can remain delightful with the added bonus of being as safe as possible.

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