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Intimacy Issues: How to Climax When Intercourse is Not Enough

Intimacy Issues                                                         Volume One: Chapter One  

Individual Preference Should Not Limit Sexual Fulfillment  

Intimacy Issues: How to Climax When Intercourse Isn't Enough

Intimacy Issues: How to Climax When Intercourse Is Not Enough

Women are empowered to revel in the ecstasy of orgasm, and to de-mystify the question of how to climax you have to accept that penetration is just one of many ways to fulfillment. It is a fact that many women do not reach climax during sex. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the female orgasm is “less predictable, more varied” than that of men and occurs with less frequency. This recent study reveals that just 62.9% of women report achieving orgasm through “standard” sexual activity. You can read that as “vanilla” or “missionary style” or “just plain boring.”

Thankfully, western society’s long-standing embargo on the open discussion of human sexuality continues to lift, offering an abundance of avenues for women to choose when immersing themselves in pleasure. The door to solving a challenge with climaxing is opened by gaining a deeper understanding of your sexual biology. Women with intimacy issues can grow through self-examination, experimental masturbation and honest communication with their partners.

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