Daredevil Diva

Bettie Page Wild ‘n Willing Wrist Cuffs with the 2013 Naked on Roller Skates Shiraz and Mataro

Pay homage to the Queen of Pinups while honoring two modern motifs of feminine allure: nudity and roller skates. This sexy gift for your girlfriend or wife evokes iconic images of stylish play and the empowering attitude of female roller derby. This pairing presents a fantastic way to set your lover’s fun side free with a suggestive luxury intimate accessory that will compliment any sexy bedroom ensemble. The occasion can be savored with a glass of full-bodied flavor from South Australia, as a quiet night together unfolds into an unforgettable evening of seduction.

Taking direction from Bettie Page’s impressive body of visual work, your partner can choose a theme that suits her tastes be it she-devil, kitty cat, school girl or jungle fever and play it up to the nines. Speaking of taste, it may be up to you to introduce to her the dark, fruity and spicy character of the Naked on Roller Skates wine, as her hands could be too busy in the quilted velvet grasp of the Bettie Page Wild ‘n Willing Wrist Cuffs. (These cuffs are so stylish they can even be worn out on the town as jewelry!) With her wrists lightly bound in soft, sexy faux leather, she may gradually relinquish her pleasure to you. As you both allow the sultry wine to melt away the troubles of the day you’ll settle into the simple delight of the moment.

The Daredevil Diva Sexy Pairing is just one of many ways you can turn up the intimate heat between you and your partner. The playful and fascinating effect of adult toys heralded by the magical taste of fun and flirty wine creates an in-depth experience that can be shared over and over. As the wrist cuffs begin to bring out her sexy side and the velvety touch of the wine on both your palates brings a smile to your lips, you may consider ramping up the pleasure with an additional surprise or two. Elevate her excitement with tickling, caressing and light swats from a Scandal Flogger or provide plenty of glide for your intimate massaging touch with Sliquid Massage Oil.

The future of enhanced intimacy is here and Sexy Pairings™ from Vibe Wines are the key to opening the door. Show your lover you really care by presenting new and creative ideas. It is time to love outside the box.
Sexy Pairings™ from Vibe Wines ™ make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and bachelorette parties. Please enjoy these select wines in moderation and always ensure that adult play is consensual.


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