Couples Therapy Session Gift Set with Sex Toys and Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay

Relationships are a blend of dynamic components — the minds, bodies, libidos and schedules of you and your partner are entwined, interlaced and interactive. Like any complex system, optimal balance among keyCouples Therapy Session Gift Set with Sex Toys and Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay elements is best sustained through routine maintenance. Couples sex therapy sessions are an exciting way to reconnect — using flavors, sensations and bliss-extending instruments to re-ignite the passion.

The scent of vanilla-laced chocolate emanating from the Monogamy Passionate Chocolate and Vanilla Massage Candle sets the tone as it melts into a sensual pool of body oil. Uncorking the bottle of aptly-named Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay matches the mood with lavish notes and electric aromas. The exotic, buttery finish calls for a bit of zest, answered abundantly by the Up Spice it Up Couples Ring — providing intense vibrating stimulation for both partners. You can also focus the fun solely on her pleasure, applying the super-powered vibrations of the Screaming O Mini Vibe Bullet to her erogenous zones for a climactic episode. When it’s his turn, some sensual caresses with the Basic Essentials Pearl Stroker Beads moisturized into action with uberlube will arouse him to new heights and beyond.

Buy this package and schedule a session with your partner ASAP! is an online resource for outfitting your couples sex therapy session with all of the intimate accessoriesmassage productsadult toys and sexy wines necessary to create an unforgettable connection.

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