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Happily Ever Laughter: The Role of Humor in Healthy Relationships

“Couples who laugh together last together.” Dr. John Gottman


Laughter can be crucial to the success of romance, playing an important role during the attraction, courtship and commitment phases of healthy relationships. Plus, tension-easing instances of humor can help couples form deep interpersonal bonds and overcome everyday obstacles like monotony, stress, tension and miscommunication.  

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Committed Relationships: How to Embrace Fidelity and Avoid Stagnation

Monogamy Does Not Equate Monotony

Committed Relationships: How to Embrace Fidelity and Avoid Stagnation

Committed relationships based on fidelity present a specific set of challenges for couples who cherish excitement, variety and physical fulfillment. If you and your partner are dedicated to one another exclusively, at some point the two of you may find yourselves considering ways to create a rewarding dynamic that is not hindered by codependence, stagnation and mistrust. Long-term relationships can be an abounding source of inspiration, support and happiness to be cherished rather than dreaded.

To paraphrase John Lennon — perhaps you’re a dreamer, but you’re not the only one. Plenty of couples enjoy monogamy through the deliberate practice of establishing and respecting personal boundaries while exploring realms of ecstasy and pleasure together.   

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Relationship Issues: Turning Shutdown Upside Down

How Small Gestures and Healthy Humor Can Revive a Relationship

 Relationship Issues: Turning Shutdown Upside Down “Shutdown” is a relationship issue some couples face that is rooted in the numbing effect of the repetitive nature of modern life. Years of daily routines and stressful demands tend to have paralyzing consequences. This can cause you and/or your partner to unwittingly allow the seeds of discontent to germinate, giving way to boredom, mistrust and disintegration. The constraints of career and familial obligations sometimes leave room for little else, and as a result, intimacy and communication begin to crumble. These dynamics can be navigated and successfully reversed by engaging in strategies that replace tedium with spice, boredom with excitement and disconnection with passion.

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