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Duration-based Approaches to Sex: How to Last Longer in Bed Through Measured Phases

“Endurance is patience concentrated.” — Thomas Carlyle

Sexual fulfillment is a fundamental human pursuit, and even after a gratifying night of lovemaking it’s only natural to wonder if it’s possible to last longer in bed. The answer to this often-asked question is a resounding “yes” — and can be supported by the idea that managing the act of penetration is key to extending the experience.

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Play it Forward: Discovering Happiness by Focusing on Your Partner’s Pleasure

Benefits of Foreplay, Variety and Undivided Attention

Play it Forward: Discovering Happiness by Focusing on Your Partner's Pleasure

If you are in an intimate relationship, you can agree that when one partner elects to “play it forward,” physical fulfillment becomes tantamount to how rewarding the partnership can be. In an era where self-fulfillment and relentless pursuit of your own personal desires are popularized over service towards others, it is becoming a cutting edge idea to adopt alternative behaviors — in this case the championing of your partner’s pleasure over your own. There’s no greater gift you can present to your lover than that of your undivided attention. Your undying mission to turn them on, to elevate their enjoyment and to usher them through the doors of ecstasy into the abounding world of sexual gratification.

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