A Sexy Gift of Wine and Adult Toys For Him

The Masculine Champion 

A Sexy Gift of Wine and Adult Toys For Him

Endurance is a key factor in a man’s ability to experience profoundly powerful orgasms. Sometimes sheer will just isn’t enough, and that’s where modern innovation comes in. There are an abundance of highly sensitive nerve endings in the male genitalia, and when things get especially hot, well, the fun can sometimes end a little too quickly.

Max 4 Men MAX Control Male Prolong Spray absorbs quickly to offer resistance to climax-inspiring stimulation for hypersensitive men who can become acutely over-aroused. The numbing effects of the lidocaine within the formula help a guy go the distance without desensitizing his partner.

Speaking of longevity, the C-ring is a proven tool for assisting the male quest for more satisfying intercourse. The ergonomic design of the Velvor JNaja Ring increases blood flow while helping maintain an erection. The specialized design of this accessory includes an extending tab that applies massaging pressure to the perineum, enhancing arousal through relaxing stimulation.

A few intermittent sips of the perfectly named Naked Winery 2013 Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo will help you set the mood and keep it flowing all night or until you say when.    

Ready for this Big O? Shop VibeWines.com for the Masculine Champion and other Sexy Pairings™!

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