A Romantic Gift of Edible Body Paint Paired with Sexy Wines

A Romantic Gift of Bijoux Indiscrets Poême Edible Body Paints Paired with Sexy Wines

Bijoux Indiscrets Poême Body Paint and Selected Wine Pairings: A Perfect Match Made in Taste Bud Heaven

Finding a unique and meaningful gift for your partner and lover can be a daunting task. We think gifts that bring people together and create opportunities to reconnect are the best ones. With this in mind, we’ve created a very thoughtful and romantic gift for him or her of edible body paint paired with sexy wine and adult pleasure products.

One partner takes on the role of poet, the other portrays the muse, and Bijoux Indiscrets Poême Body Paint becomes your intimate means for an adventure in physical poesy while you enjoy a glass of sensual wine together and reconnect. The soft, fragrant and deliciously edible body glaze lets you express your innermost thoughts and yearnings onto the skin of your quivering lover. You can slowly, softly and sensuously devour the curves of each letter and then whisper the succulent words into your sweetheart’s ear.

The authentic feather quill with soft silicone writing stylus evokes the notion of a calligrapher inscribing onto a fine surface, while the artfully styled glass bottle makes the perfectly classic container for such a powerful variety of ink. Just imagine: you can prime the skin with the tickle feather tip, wax poetic with paint freshly dipped, and whisper sweet sentiments through your sugary lips.

The body paint is sugar-based, so it should be used away from intimate areas, yet the lactose-free, gluten-free composition means that you and your partner can freely indulge yourselves in its richness and texture. As the two of you embark on your journey of eloquence, you can prime your palates for sweetness with a selected wine pairing designed to compliment one of the five Bijoux Indiscrets Poême Body Paint flavors.

This “dessert before dinner” private faux pas will only deepen your appetite for more when you choose from an array of tastes including Doughnut Delight, Sweetheart Cherry, Wild Strawberry, Dark Chocolate and Butter Caramel. Coupled with a glass of flirty and playfully named wine, the intimate experience of the following Sexy Pairings is set to become an evening the two of you will never forget:

* Delicious Indulgence: Doughnut Delight and Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato

Doughnuts and bubbly are time-tested favorites that compliment one another like flowers and sunshine and even more fittingly — like you and your partner. There is something pure, honest and original about the sweetness of a glazed doughnut. Blend in the effervescent perfumes of orange blossoms and fresh apples in the Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato, and your taste buds are likely to have you and your partner up until dawn.

* Tip Top Temptation: Sweetheart Cherry & 2013 Fifty Shades of Grey White Silk Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc

Like red fruit garnish atop pretty-please perfection, the plump, tangy taste of cherry compliments your lover’s skin as you tease private words of trust and desire. A few intermittent sips of the 2013 Fifty Shades of Grey White Silk Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc, and the two of you are transported to a mountaintop of pleasing sweetness, floral scents and jasmine aromas.

* Luscious Seduction: Wild Strawberry & 2012 Bewitched Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Talk about keeping things fresh in the bedroom … there’s nothing like fruit-flavored body glaze and the seductive allure of a sultry wine to command mutual undivided attention. The tangy zest of strawberry lets you decorate your lover in rose-colored letters and then savor your words like a succulently forbidden dessert. The rich texture of the 2012 Bewitched Russian River Valley Pinot Noir creates the perfect balance of light and dark, of yin and yang, of you and yours.

* Exquisite Sensations: Dark Chocolate & PromisQous Red Table Wine

The sublime allure of dark chocolate will awaken a primal desire for richness and flavor between lovers. You can tease your partner with measured caresses while savoring the warm and fruity textures of the PromisQous Red Table Wine. The dark berry aromas and slight peppery finish are the perfect complimentary notes for an intimate occasion marked by balance and harmony.

* Flavor and Fragrance: Butter Caramel & Naked Winery 2013 Tease Riesling

The unique sweetness of this body paint is an irresistible confection for fans of caramel flavor. Just as you would lovingly adorn your favorite dessert, you can decorate your lover with rich, soft strokes of your favorite topping, and then savor your sentiments one word at a time. The vanilla aroma of the Naked Winery 2013 Tease Riesling makes a perfectly palatable partner with lively notes of peach, melon and citrus fruit.

In addition to helping you create a very special Sexy Pairing, we want to point the poet within you in a helpful direction, so every purchase of this romantic gift on VibeWines.com can be accompanied by your choice of one of five complementary sweet expression love notes.

Cheers to wine and passion!

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