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Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love Outside the Box: Avoid the Pitfalls of Valentine’s Day While Enhancing Your Relationship

A Typical Tale

You’re weaving desperately through traffic, stomping on the gas and brake pedals in tandem while glancing at the dashboard clock and praying your phone doesn’t ring. It is February 14th and time is slipping away. You’re already late for work when you come to the horrible realization that you’ve not only forgotten to make reservations for Valentine’s Day, you haven’t even picked up a gift for your sweetheart. No flowers, no chocolates, no bright red card of rhyming verse — nothing.

You know how the rest of the story goes, don’t you? In case you’re in denial here’s a refresher: You call every restaurant in town for a reservation. Since all the good tables are booked, you settle for a patio table under a heating lamp at a “casual” establishment in a questionable neighborhood. On the way home from work, you pick up the last bouquet of wilted flowers from the grocery store florist and a heart-shaped box of Forrest Gump chocolates.

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