Relationship Issues: Turning Shutdown Upside Down

How Small Gestures and Healthy Humor Can Revive a Relationship

 Relationship Issues: Turning Shutdown Upside Down “Shutdown” is a relationship issue some couples face that is rooted in the numbing effect of the repetitive nature of modern life. Years of daily routines and stressful demands tend to have paralyzing consequences. This can cause you and/or your partner to unwittingly allow the seeds of discontent to germinate, giving way to boredom, mistrust and disintegration. The constraints of career and familial obligations sometimes leave room for little else, and as a result, intimacy and communication begin to crumble. These dynamics can be navigated and successfully reversed by engaging in strategies that replace tedium with spice, boredom with excitement and disconnection with passion.

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5 Fun Bachelorette Party Games

5 Fun Bachelorette Party Games

Sexy Bachelorette Party Games

It’s time to celebrate the bride-to-be and her forthcoming nuptials! These 5 fun bachelorette party games are perfect ice breakers and a great way to create an unforgettable night. The evening’s exciting activities will include risqué dares, very personal trivia games and outrageous bar shenanigans. Let the good times begin!

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Sexy New Year’s Eve Accessories

Sexy New Year's Eve Accessories

Ring in the New Year and toast new beginnings in seductive style! Sexy New Year’s Eve accessories can enhance your attire and mood to help create an unforgettable evening. Glittering erotic fashion jewelry adds sensuality and mystery to your outfit. Another level of kinky excitement can be added with embellished party masks to heighten anticipation. Finally, when you surround yourself in the scent of sexy pheromone attractants you’ll be ready to entice and tease all night long. Cheers to your sexiest New Year’s Eve yet!

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Sexy Drinks: Wine Cocktails: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Exquisite Hot Chocolate

Sexy Drinks Wine Cocktails Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Sexy Drinks: Wine Cocktails: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Wine cocktails are not just for taking the malaise out of hot summer days, but they are also perfect for melting the edge off of cold winter nights. This exquisite hot chocolate recipe with red wine is sure to please. 

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Cocktail Party Conversation Starters: 5 Fun Wines

Bring Something Delicious, Exciting and Provocative to the Party

Cocktail Party Conversation Starters 5 Fun Wines

There’s never been a better time to break free from convention and ramp up the fun for parties. One of the best ways to do this is with a cleverly playful labeled wine that is sure to make guests smile and get people talking. You’ll be the star of the evening by showing up to the event with one of these bottles of sexy and sassy vinos. Let the good times roll!

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A Sexy Gift of Wine and Adult Toys For Him

The Masculine Champion 

A Sexy Gift of Wine and Adult Toys For Him

Endurance is a key factor in a man’s ability to experience profoundly powerful orgasms. Sometimes sheer will just isn’t enough, and that’s where modern innovation comes in. There are an abundance of highly sensitive nerve endings in the male genitalia, and when things get especially hot, well, the fun can sometimes end a little too quickly.

Max 4 Men MAX Control Male Prolong Spray absorbs quickly to offer resistance to climax-inspiring stimulation for hypersensitive men who can become acutely over-aroused. The numbing effects of the lidocaine within the formula help a guy go the distance without desensitizing his partner.

Speaking of longevity, the C-ring is a proven tool for assisting the male quest for more satisfying intercourse. The ergonomic design of the Velvor JNaja Ring increases blood flow while helping maintain an erection. The specialized design of this accessory includes an extending tab that applies massaging pressure to the perineum, enhancing arousal through relaxing stimulation.

A few intermittent sips of the perfectly named Naked Winery 2013 Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo will help you set the mood and keep it flowing all night or until you say when.    

Ready for this Big O? Shop for the Masculine Champion and other Sexy Pairings™!

Naughty and Nice: Five Gift Ideas for Lovers

Overnight Escapades

Jimmy Jane Indulgences Pocket Pleasure Kit

Chateau Diana Candy Babee Riesling

A romantic weekend getaway holds promise aplenty of naughty and nice, especially when you embark on an adventure well equipped. The Jimmy Jane Indulgences Pocket Pleasure Kit includes a compelling array of items that will turn a romantic spark into a wild blaze. A Love Decoder toy determines explicit acts of foreplay while water-based lubricant, a feather tickler, a mini-vibrator and a pair of Durex condoms encourage imagination, exploration and passionate play.

Suggested wine pairing: Chateau Diana Candy Babee Riesling

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Sexy Gifts: Five Very Naughty Ideas

A Threshold Thrashing

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit

2012 Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Petite Sirah and Syrah

When it comes to sexy gifts for the bondage curious, the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit is the perfect gateway surprise. A central metal ring holding four nylon straps is anchored beneath the bed. Each adjustable band leads to above the top mattress and is clipped to a plush velcro cuff, two for the wrists and two for the ankles. The submissive partner is then blindfolded with the soft, velvety mask and the dominant partner guides them to a sensory and control deprived climax in a category all its own.

Suggested wine pairing: Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Petite Sirah and Syrah

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Toys for Men: 5 Sexy Gifts for Him

A Pulsating Provocateur

OMan Challenge Vibrating Ring

2013 Sexual Chocolate Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah



Some toys for men increase stimulation while others enhance longevity. The OMAN Challenge Vibrating Ring, however, does both — a real double thrust of a threat for a guy who loves to go the distance. One of the heartiest vibrating bullets on the market can hum along for up to 80 minutes, while the flexible erection ring provides stimulated reinforcement with four embedded solid metal balls. Speaking of which, his are caringly encased in a flexible holster for an all-encapsulating experience.

Suggested wine pairing: 2013 Sexual Chocolate Syrah and Zinfandel and Petite Sirah

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Adult Gifts: 5 Sexy Presents for Her

The Pleasure of Precision

Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay

The ultra-sensitive nature of the clitoris means that sometimes intense contact provided by some adult gifts can be overwhelming. But have no fear, this amazing toy uses indirect stimulation to create mind-blowing arousal. The Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator applies pulsating waves of suction-based pleasure when placed precisely over the intended area. Eight speeds of intensity allow the ergonomic silicone heads to deliver uniquely exquisite orgasms that do not require direct contact or penetration. 

Suggested Wine Pairing: Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay

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