The Condom Conundrum: Facts About Finding the Right Fit

With STDs on the Rise, You Play a Vital Role in Prevention

The Condom Conundrum: Facts About Finding the Right Fit

All too often, condoms don’t fit right or don’t enable a positive experience. This causes some people to skip the precaution altogether and instead, engage in unprotected sex. A condom that does not accurately match your size can produce loss of feeling which can then cause you to lose your erection. Furthermore, some condoms are not exactly the most fragrant compliment to a romantic situation. These factors cause the importance of condom use to be neglected. This means that some sexually active people, their partners and members of the dating scene at large are unnecessarily exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

These infections include herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia among others and they are being spread at an all time high.  Aside from abstinence, the best strategy against infection is to consistently use condoms during sex. Sticking to this rule does not mean that you are relegated to the meager selection at the corner drugstore. Condoms are available in a vast array of sizes, thicknesses, textures and fragrances — so that sex can remain delightful with the added bonus of being as safe as possible.

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Couples Therapy Session Gift Set with Sex Toys and Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay

Relationships are a blend of dynamic components — the minds, bodies, libidos and schedules of you and your partner are entwined, interlaced and interactive. Like any complex system, optimal balance among keyCouples Therapy Session Gift Set with Sex Toys and Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay elements is best sustained through routine maintenance. Couples sex therapy sessions are an exciting way to reconnect — using flavors, sensations and bliss-extending instruments to re-ignite the passion.

The scent of vanilla-laced chocolate emanating from the Monogamy Passionate Chocolate and Vanilla Massage Candle sets the tone as it melts into a sensual pool of body oil. Uncorking the bottle of aptly-named Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay matches the mood with lavish notes and electric aromas. The exotic, buttery finish calls for a bit of zest, answered abundantly by the Up Spice it Up Couples Ring — providing intense vibrating stimulation for both partners. You can also focus the fun solely on her pleasure, applying the super-powered vibrations of the Screaming O Mini Vibe Bullet to her erogenous zones for a climactic episode. When it’s his turn, some sensual caresses with the Basic Essentials Pearl Stroker Beads moisturized into action with uberlube will arouse him to new heights and beyond.

Buy this package and schedule a session with your partner ASAP! is an online resource for outfitting your couples sex therapy session with all of the intimate accessoriesmassage productsadult toys and sexy wines necessary to create an unforgettable connection.

Planning a Romantic Getaway: Sexy Ideas for an Incredible Weekend

Embarking on romantic weekend getaway is the perfect means for you and your partner to escape routine and experience one another in a variety of exceptional ways. Imagine an immersive experience of aromas,Planning a Romantic Getaway: Sexy Ideas for an Incredible Weekend textures, tastes, sights and sounds designed to excite every sense — empowering you and your lover with an imaginative, rejuvenating reprieve from the norm. Selecting a few adult toys and accessories designed to enhance your experience is the perfect strategy for orchestrating a weekend you won’t soon forget.

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Daring Date Night Accessories and Sexy Wines

Date night is an exhilarating event — an opportunity to be daring, to take chances and to create an altogether unforgettable experience.   

Daring Date Night Accessories and Sexy Wines

The nature of date night indicates that you will be the recurring focus of his undivided attention. Captivate him completely by donning sparkling hints of intimate naughtiness and pouring him sensuous sips of sexy wine. The evening’s scenery will awaken every time you saunter through a room in your curve enhancing, pulse raising, eyebrow elevating accessories. Your soft-bondage accouterments may even spark double takes — making spectators wonder what you’re up to behind closed doors. What’s more, these dynamics will inspire the profound elements of his character to step forth, so that he may earn an invitation to accompany you into the wee hours.  

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Excite Your Summer Nights with Sexy Accessories and Sassy Wines

Summer’s arrival means strutting your stuff in sexy accessories, primping for prominence with powder and gloss and championing the chance to enjoy chilled, relaxing refreshments. Another season of parties, festivals, concerts, and multimedia events is here — and so too is your chance to flaunt a bit of style and flair in your quest for fun, adventure and romance.

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Bachelorette Party Unbridled Excitement Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay and Sexy Toys Gift Set

Unbridled Excitement 


This gift set outfits the bride-to-be and her esteemed friends with irresistible elements that promise an exceptional bachelorette party.

Embark on the evening of her “final fling” by uncorking a bottle of Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay and toasting to seasonal flavors of peach, apricot, pineapple and butterscotch. This tight-knit circle of ladies is assembled as a team on a quest for fun and adventure — so it’s a good idea to identify each member with their own emblem from the Bachelorette Team Bride Rosette Ribbon Set. These decorative pink and white adornments announce to all in proximity that the fun force has arrived and the players mean business. Each member of the silly squad also gets a keepsake that will provide plenty of future thrills of the discreetly joyful sort.

Get the party started with the Sexy Scavenger Hunt Game which includes a deck of 60 cards with fun and risque tasks. The Screaming O Vibrating Mascara is a covert treasure of pleasure that will certainly raise the question of how something that looks like mascara can have the visual result of rouge. This mini-vibe from the My Secret brand provides whisper-quiet sensations in a compact package that is perfect for gals on the go. Lastly, the Bride to Be Bachelorette Party Sash and Bachelorette Bride to Be Tiara provide the ultimate, time-honored bachelorette party accessories that distinguishes the bride-to-be in plush faux fur, pink mesh and loud letters and sparkles.

Get this sexy gift set and other bachelorette party favors, games and accessories at   

Wine and Pleasure Sexy Gift Set for Men

Independent Adventures


What do you get for the guy who has everything? Whether its a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, the gift of wine and pleasure products is sure to please. Independent Adventures is a new and exciting Sexy Pairings™ intimate gift set just for him.

The seductive flavors of baking spice, clove, blackberry and sage are alive in every sip of Vibe Wines 2015 Sultry Seduction Syrah, and promise to awaken his senses during a personal journey of pleasure. Meanwhile, his visually triggered male libido stands to be stirred and inspired before the feast of colorful images in Suicide Girls No. 3. This anthology celebrates the beauty and allure of “alternative models” adorned in tattooed artistry, electrically-hued hairdos and little else. Nude photos and narrated exploits are tailored to the tastes of guys who admire the exceptional attitudes of individually expressive women. His yearning for physical stimulation can be precisely satisfied through the two distinct sensations presented by the OptiMALE Reversible UR3 Stroker —  a personal sleeve that pleases with intensely textured and silky smooth surfaces. The experience is enhanced with a healthy application of the Aloe and Vitamin E rich Wicked Aqua Lubricant — a water based, residue-free addition that heightens sensory intensity. The erection-enhancing, powerfully prolonging benefits of the OMAN Challenge Vibrating Ring call to his adventurous nature, allowing him to push his personal boundaries of pleasure to dizzying heights of ecstasy.

This enticing gift set arrives in a sleek black box — perfect for discretion and storage. Intrigued? Get this sexy gift on, where wine and passion meet.


Gifts for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Bashes and Bachelor Parties

Wedding season is here and Vibe Wines™ is going to help you make this an outstanding year of unforgettable bridal showers, bachelorette bashes and bachelor parties.

Gifts for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Bashes and Bachelor Parties

Dare to break free from the norm by transcending tradition with a bit of boldness and imagination. Rather than settling for the typical kitschy and campy themes, you can present the bride, the maids of honor, other esteemed guests and the groom with an extraordinary array of flirtatious party favors, wildly named wines and sexy accessories. Don’t leave it to chance that people will gather and perhaps have the time of their lives, instead, guarantee it with a strategy that elevates the laughter and fun to a fever pitch from the very start.

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Play it Forward: Discovering Happiness by Focusing on Your Partner’s Pleasure

Benefits of Foreplay, Variety and Undivided Attention

Play it Forward: Discovering Happiness by Focusing on Your Partner's Pleasure

If you are in an intimate relationship, you can agree that when one partner elects to “play it forward,” physical fulfillment becomes tantamount to how rewarding the partnership can be. In an era where self-fulfillment and relentless pursuit of your own personal desires are popularized over service towards others, it is becoming a cutting edge idea to adopt alternative behaviors — in this case the championing of your partner’s pleasure over your own. There’s no greater gift you can present to your lover than that of your undivided attention. Your undying mission to turn them on, to elevate their enjoyment and to usher them through the doors of ecstasy into the abounding world of sexual gratification.

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Committed Relationships: How to Embrace Fidelity and Avoid Stagnation

Monogamy Does Not Equate Monotony

Committed Relationships: How to Embrace Fidelity and Avoid Stagnation

Committed relationships based on fidelity present a specific set of challenges for couples who cherish excitement, variety and physical fulfillment. If you and your partner are dedicated to one another exclusively, at some point the two of you may find yourselves considering ways to create a rewarding dynamic that is not hindered by codependence, stagnation and mistrust. Long-term relationships can be an abounding source of inspiration, support and happiness to be cherished rather than dreaded.

To paraphrase John Lennon — perhaps you’re a dreamer, but you’re not the only one. Plenty of couples enjoy monogamy through the deliberate practice of establishing and respecting personal boundaries while exploring realms of ecstasy and pleasure together.   

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